Be cautious when interacting with Facebook. There is a fake PA Labor & Industry page that is attempting to collect personal information from people.
Tips šŸ‘‡
L&Iā€™s Facebook page has a blue check box next to the name that identifies it as a verified page.
Comments by the legitimate L&I page also have a blue check box next to them indicating it as a verified page. If a comment or page does not have this check box, it is a fraudster posing as L&I.
L&I does not post responses directly to claimants, send private messages, or ask for a private message to be sent.
L&I also will not ask individuals to call or text a phone number. The only phone numbers for unemployment are:
1-888-313-7284 (for UC/PEUC/EB claimants)
1-855-284-8545 (for PUA claimants)
L&I will not ask for individuals to send an email. The only email addresses for unemployment are: (for UC/PEUC/EB claimants) (for PUA claimants)