Curriculum Statement



Our Standard of Excellence is influenced by Christian values and beliefs.  We believe every child has the right to develop to his/her fullest potential.  We strive to provide an environment that fosters every area of a child’s total development.  Each child will learn to be polite, honest, self-confident, sensitive, creative and independent.  Our program is designed to meet these goals by encouraging spiritual, mental and physical growth.  We provide a relaxed atmosphere that invites each child to explore, discover and become aware of educational knowledge and the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Play enables a child to test his/her ideas about the real world.  Play is the surest, quickest path to learning and building self-confidence.  Play generates an understanding of cooperation and independence.  By planting ideas, our teachers foster curiosity and encourage children to ask questions.  They provide a safe, comfortable, yet stimulating environment for children.


Every child is valued for his/her individuality and uniqueness.  We encourage friendly discussions and communication between children during play and promote respectful attitudes for the rights of each other. Each child develops at his/her own pace. We create and provide experiences that meet the needs of individual children.  Growth and development are gradual processes that involve all facets of a child’s world.  Therefore, we encourage and provide opportunities that include family, community and school.

Katrina Bell