Our Philosophy


The creative play philosophy is based on the premise that the more a child’s emotions are involved, the more sensory information is received, and the more easily learning takes place. Our environment is child-centered, and we base our curriculum on the most appropriate learning medium for children… play.

Play, with its power to nurture and to teach, begins at birth in the first interactions between mother and child.  Play contributes to all types of learning:  cognitive, social, physical and emotional.  Learning takes place because children are involved in a self-motivated, action-oriented process. Play provides children with the opportunity to actively explore, manipulate and interact with their environment.  Our environment utilizes the following Learning Centers to invoke play:

  • Writing
  • Math & Numbers
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Music
  • Dramatic Play
  • Manipulative
  • Sand & Water
  • Computer & Technology
  • Science & Nature
  • Blocks, Puzzles, Legos
  • Gross Motor
  • Christianity

Sometimes the teacher both anticipates and initiates play.  At times a child’s play is spontaneous; there is no pre-structuring or environmental preparation.  As long as the child’s behavior is not undesirable, he/she should be allowed the freedom to pursue such play.  Freedom, choice and independence are an integral part in a child care program.   In addition, safety and courtesy considerations are also essential.  We feel everyone has an opinion in what he/she does and how he/she is treated; the sense of courtesy, safety and fair play prevails.